Obstetrics services

At McPherson Hospital's Women's Care and Birth Center, it is our pleasure to provide you and your family with the most professional, competent, personal care you could ask for. We will treat your family like our family as you experience one of the most special and memorable events life can offer — the birth of a baby. 

Childbirth education classes 

We believe that learning about the birth process and how to care for your newborn helps you assume your role as a new parent with greater ease, confidence, and enjoyment. Our classes are taught by experienced nurses who will help guide you through the physical and emotional experiences that await you. Information includes: 

  • The process and progression of labor and delivery
  • Tour of the Women's Care and Birth Center
  • Pain control options including medications and epidural anesthesia
  • Induced labor
  • Cesarean delivery
  • Car seat safety
  • Postpartum depression
  • Breast and bottle feeding
  • What to expect during your stay

Classes are held every other month beginning in January. We will use your due date to determine which class you should attend. For dates and times and to register for upcoming classes, you may complete the information request form to the right, call us at 620.241.2251, extension 236 or come to the Women's Care and Birth Center. Early registration is encouraged as class size is limited. Payment is due upon registration: 

  • $25 if you are delivering at McPherson Hospital 
  • $50 if you are delivering at another facility


We provide a secure unit by controlling access into and out of the department. When you or your guests arrive, simply press the doorbell and we will release the door lock system to let you in. You will also need similar staff assistance to leave the unit.

There is a place for family and friends to wait just outside the department so they are never far away. There is also another waiting area just inside the hospital entrance if more space is needed. 

Birthing suites

We have two labor and delivery rooms. During the labor process, nursing staff will explain what to expect every step of the way. You will be involved in designing the care you receive so we can meet your expectations. 

We know how important the support of family and friends is, so we therefore allow visitors during the labor process. However, there may be times when staff will find it necessary to limit the number of visitors at your bedside. When it is time for delivery, you are welcome to have two support people remain with you. 

Your doctor will see you as his or her daily office schedule allows, but is always just a phone call away for immediate needs. He or she will be kept informed by nursing staff of your progress between their personal visits and will be present for the birth of your baby. If your baby has a different doctor than you do, they will be notified following the baby's birth. 

Operating suite 

If your baby is born by cesarean section, you will be able to have one support person present with you during the delivery. Cesarean deliveries take place in the operating suite conveniently located on the obstetrics floor. Sometimes unexpected emergent circumstances do not make it possible for a support person to be with you in the operating suite. Please know that these decisions are made with your comfort and safety in mind. 


Your comfort during labor is very important to us. Along with support of nursing staff and medicines that can be given to lessen the pain of labor and birth, we also have certified registered nurse anesthetists available 24 hours a day if you choose to have an epidural. These same CRNAs will provide necessary anesthesia care should you need to have a cesarean delivery. If you would like to visit with a member of the anesthesia department prior to labor, you are invited to call the hospital and ask to speak with them. 

After your baby is born 

There are five private rooms in our department. Following delivery, you will be moved to one of these rooms for the remainder of your stay with us. Your doctor will stop to see you every day. Your spouse or support person is welcome to spend the night with you. 

All meals will be delivered to your room, but you are welcome to have food brought in any time you wish. If a visitor would like to have a meal delivered from the cafeteria along with your meal tray, please let staff know and they will call for a guest tray.

Nursing staff will spend quality, personal, one-on-one time with you sharing important information regarding care of yourself and your baby. When it's time for you to begin your new life at home, you will be prepared to do so comfortably and confidently. 


The best way for you to learn to know your newborn is to have him or her with you during your stay, but some routine care will be provided in the nursery such as assessments, daily weights, and lab draws. For newborns requiring additional observation or care, one-on-one care is provided in this environment.