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STAR Excellence Team

The STAR Excellence Team was originally called the Service Excellence Team and met for the first time on September 30th, 2003. The committee was formed along with four others to serve as the primary building blocks for a collaborative workplace. The original team members were from Management Council and past Employees of the Month asked to serve by the CEO. One of the first tasks we did as a team was to create a mission statement and goals for the committee. Our members have changed, our meetings have changed, but our original focus and goals have not.

STAR Nomination Form (PDF)

Our goal as a team is:

To create an environment that places all those we serve first. Through the work of our team we will make McPherson Hospital a leader in the area of customer service.

We refer back to this often and remind ourselves of our original purpose.

In the spring of 2005, the team recommitted themselves and researched a new approach. From this rebirth came the STAR Excellence Team. We committed ourselves to finding the core values that our employees felt we possessed. The employees voted in July for the five STAR values of Integrity, Teamwork, Knowledge, Communication, and Empathetic Care. A party was hosted in September and the Employee of the Quarter program was re-introduced.

The STAR Excellence Team held hospital wide meetings in February where employees were encouraged to talk about our culture and changes we need to make. A sixth value was added at this time….Trust, making the acronym for the values easy to remember as:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Empathetic Care
  • Teamwork

The team continues to work on all the information collected in the hospital wide meetings by working towards a better evaluation tool for employees, exploring focus groups for collecting data from our customers, and continuing to celebrate those outstanding employees that exemplify good service.

We are proud to be a part of McPherson Hospital.

STAR Employees of the Quarter

Every quarter, beginning in July, a STAR Employee is chosen by the STAR Excellence Team. Employees are nominated by hospital staff and are required to use the STAR Employee nomination form featuring the six STAR values. Quarterly STAR employees will be chosen in July, October, January, and April and each STAR employee will be honored with a surprise reception, recognition in the hospital newsletter and hospital website, a McPherson Chamber Check, and special parking privileges for three months.